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Ermac ultra
Screen devices in the chain 8 16 32
Built-in computer NO YES YES
Maximum resolution 4096 х 1486 (6.1 Mpx) 4096 х 2200 (9.0 Mpx) 4096 х 2970 (12.1 Mpx)
Maximum number of outputs 1 2 4


You no longer have to use additional video controllers and switches. Get a powerful LED interface processor, audio/video matrix and an LED video control system in a single product.
Create the perfect picture in real time. Adjust the color temperature, select the appropriate brightness level depending on operating conditions.
ERMAC supports 4K resolution, which allows you to broadcast high-quality image on the display.
One device can provide well-coordinated work of up to 32 LED displays.
The maximum allowable distance from the LED display to the video control system is 10 km away. Management is carried out through the WEB-interface and DMX512.
With exclusive two-level brightness calibration system Uniformity² get illumination uniformity across the entire display surface at a level above 99%.

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