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Extended Realtime Multimedia Access Controller

Proprietary Technology Package

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ERMAC LED video WALL processing system can be divided into 3 levels: Input, Processing and Output.

The combination of the functions of all 3 levels offers unique possibilities of image control. The following is an overview:

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Multiformat Transfer Technology
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High Precision LED Control Technology
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Transfer Protocol Technology
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Multiformat Transfer Technology

  • Integrated Video Mixer
  • High Precision Scaler
  • Multilayering Management
  • Multilayering Chroma Key
  • Adjustment of Input Signals
  • Inband Sync Detection
  • Frame Rate Multiplier




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Automatic Calibration

When a TRUE LED module is replaced, its intelligence in combination with the ERMAC control system ensures that color matching takes place automatically.

This is made possible by the unique system architecture of TRUE ERMAC control system, specifically designed PCB schematics, selected IC drivers and proprietary TRUE matching algorithm.

Surface color homogeneity is thus guaranteed throughout the entire lifetime of a LED Video WALL

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Extremely low latency

Perfect for camera applications - extremely low latency from the image source to the LED Video WALL.

The low latency from the image source to the LED Video WALL, as well as the latency-free transmission between individual modules, provide optimal conditions for camera and video applications.

The signal is transmitted using the proprietary TRUE transmission protocol via a direct fiber optic connection.

This ensures the fastest possible image transmission from the source, via the controller, to the LED video modules.

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Precise Synchronization

Beyond precise synchronization of a LED Video WALL image, any number of ERMAC SPU-16s can be combined to synchronously drive an unlimited volume of LEDs.

A single TRUE ERMAC SPU-16 is capable of managing a total pixel amount equal to 8K resolution. The image is rendered without any offset and controlled in real time.

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Native Color reproduction

The precise interpretation and processing of the input signal by the ERMAC controller enables the native color reproduction of the input content on the LED Video WALL.

Content creators, designers and filmmakers who create content for display and evaluation on large-scale video walls can be confident that the final image result on the LED Video WALL perfectly conveys the original idea and reproduces the chosen colors.

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Extended 3D Functions

Due to the precise signal interpretation and transmission, ERMAC SPU-16 has additional adjustment capabilities that make working with 3D content on LED video surface much easier.

For example, the dark-time interval can be set within the SPU-16. When using InbandSync via DP 1.4, the detection of a left/right eye swap is automatic and is correctly recognized, interpreted and implemented by the control system up to the LED Video WALL.

The signal for synchronizing the 3D glasses is taken directly from the LED Video WALL (LSC).

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Proprietary transmission Protocol

We use a specially developed signal transmission protocol in all our ERMAC control systems, which is optimally designed for the real-time transmission of content via fiber optics or network connections.

In addition to unique features such as automatic color matching, the proprietary transmission protocol also forms the basis for real-time control of all parameters, the precision of synchronization during transmission itself, as well as monitoring on an extended scale.

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Integrated Video Mixer

Integrated functions such as scaling, cropping, as well as picture-in-picture and the simultaneous management of up to 4 video layers are supported with a single ERMAC control system.

In addition to the flawless control of a LED Video WALL, each ERMAC is a fully-fledged video mixer. The possibilities for signal processing are almost limitless, without the need for additional equipment.





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Chroma Keying

The ERMAC control system enables direct compositing of video channels (color-based image adjustment). This makes working with LED Video WALLs in shooting situations even easier.

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Gamma Correction

The precise representation of certain brightness values, especially grey gradients, is the art of controlling LED Video WALLs.

To optimize the display of certain image contents on the LED Video WALL, especially with low brightness values, we have developed a proprietary gamma correction tool that offers the possibility to adjust each individual point on the gamma curve separately.

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Thermo Compensation

Color shifts caused by the heat dissipation of components within LED panels are no longer a problem with the TRUE Thermo Compensation Tool.

In particular, conventional SMD LED Video WALLs tend to produce color shifts at the edges of LED panels above a certain brightness value.

Depending on the positioning of the components within a LED panel, these shifts occur to different degrees and in different places.

With the help of our proprietary Thermo Compensation Tool in combination with the extended ERMAC Monitoring Tool and the data obtained from it, our systems are able to recognize where color shifts occur and automatically compensate for them.

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Line Reduction

Even with the most precise mechanical production of a LED Video WALL, there are naturally tolerances between the individual panels.

Once a LED Video WALL has been set up, these tolerances can be seen in the form of either dark or light lines between the LED clusters.

To counteract this natural mechanical factor and to achieve a picture result that is not only homogeneous in terms of color, the TRUE Line Reduction tool is used.

Within a very short time, mechanical inaccuracies can be visually compensated for without distorting the image result.

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Frequency Stabilizer

The Frequency Stabilizer was developed to capture image signals that have a frequency that deviates from the norm.

If the frequency of the image signal is outside of the normally interpretable range, the Frequency Stabilizer offers the possibility of presetting a clock to the incoming signal. The signal is stabilized in this way so that synchronization is guaranteed.

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Dark Time Setting

The correct display of 3D content often requires the possibility of manual adjustment of the dark time depending on which 3D glasses hardware is used for 3D impulse interpretation.

Practical experience has shown that the adjustment options of different 3D glasses are often insufficient or too imprecise to achieve a synchronous display of a 3D image. In order to obtain the necessary independence from the respective 3D glasses hardware, the TRUE Dark Time Setting Tool is available.

In this way, the required dark time interval can be specified directly by the LED controller, which ensures synchronized image reproduction for the left and right eye when 3D is active.

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The advanced TRUE monitoring tool provides real-time status reports on all parameters and components of the LED Video WALL.

Signal transmission via a fiber optic link using the proprietary TRUE transmission protocol provides a real-time feedback channel for the entire LED Video WALL in addition to precise synchronization.

This means that there is always a complete overview of which signals are present, which specifications they meet and the status of each individual component within the LED Video WALL.